Our Mission

Our Mission

Let Us Move Mountains supports Ugandan organizations by working with local leaders to improve education, employment, and agriculture within their communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is for Ugandan founded organizations to become self-sustainable and empower the people they serve to initiate positive change in their own lives.

How we do it

Leaders of local organizations share their visions with us and we work together connecting outside resources to establish and sustain those visions.

Our values

We are a Catholic lay organization and we support Catholic Church teaching. Although we do not require our partners to be Catholic, we only partner with those who hold similar values, especially pro-life and pro-family values.

We believe in honesty and transparency in all that we do. We take responsibility for our own actions and we hold true to our mission, vision and values.

Our team is resourceful and dedicated to providing quality, productive work. If we do not already have the skills and knowledge needed to perform a task, we will do our best to learn and grow to complete the task efficiently.

We believe that local leaders will be the ones to transform their communities, not those of us coming from the outside. This is why LUMM partners with already existing organizations and schools. We encourage initiatives at the smallest, most local level where they can succeed.

The organizations we partner with should have a sustainability plan, and they will remain sustainable when we phase out. With successful sustainability, our partners will be empowered for their own flourishing in the future.

We expect equal effort in all of our partnerships, and we avoid dependency. We believe that in most situations we should never work harder than those we are helping. Each organization provides unique abilities and resources for the collective project.

We know and love the people we serve. We recognize the dignity of every human person, and we strive to grow in accompaniment through any new partnership.

our people

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