Kihara farm and office project

We are SO excited about our Kihara Farm and Office Project and the impact it will have on our community partner, Young Positives Empowered to Adhere (YPEA). Our Kihara Farm is already completed and running, and have just begun construction on the final phase, the Kihara Office in late June 2021.


Let Us Move Mountains partners with already existing Ugandan organizations and schools to help them in sustainability and/or grow their impact. We realized there were strong organizations and schools in Kyarusozi that just needed our support to prosper. One such organization was YPEA. The completed Kihara Farm has already begun to provide a sustainable, community-based source of income for YPEA. The Kihara Office will be a giant step toward YPEA’s mission to promote positive living and minimize discrimination for children living with HIV and AIDS in the Kyarusozi community.

A place to gather

The Kihara Office will be a gathering place for adults and children living with HIV to come together to share experiences and positive living practices. We broke ground on the Kihara Office construction on June 24, 2021. The children currently do not have a place to gather and learn about the virus they contracted at birth, and the adults willing to guide them have only a small space they rent. 

Specific activities include:

  • Mobilization and sensitization about the importance of accessing treatment
  • Counseling services addressing the abstinence strategy and benefits of disclosure and adherence to treatment
  • Follow up for further support on the service uptake
  • Home based counseling and be supported on disclosure
  • Mobilization to participate in Income Generating Activities for self-sustainability and financial literacy trainings
  • Monthly meetings for information and experience sharing in different aspects hence reducing stigma
  • Monthly praise and worship gatherings in support of one another

An investment for sustainable change

We are SO close to fundraising all $32,000 needed to complete this project. Our budget includes the following: 

Completed projects: 

  • Two room residence and farm storage
  • Latrine
  • Piggery project
  • Poultry project

Coming soon in our final phase:

  • Four room office building

The Kihara Farm

The completed farm project includes a two room residence and farm storage, latrines, and piggery, poultry project, and rabbit projects. 

At the time of writing, we have 16 rabbits, 18 pigs, and 52 hens. Our team is hoping to expand both the rabbits’ and the chickens’ living spaces soon. 

The Kihara Farm currently grows many crops, including passion fruits, mangoes, sweet potatoes, yams, sugar canes, cassava, groundnuts (peanuts), pineapples, and three different kinds of bananas. We are eager to add on the Kihara Office to this beautiful farm. 

The completed two-room residence and farm storage sit next to the space where the office will be built.

Hometown gift

A few months ago our USA home base, Clinton County, Illinois, lost two very special people: Jake Schrage of St. Rose and Tripp Kharibian of Albers. In lieu of flowers, their families asked for memorial donations for LUMM. We are using the $5,300 they collected to begin this Kihara Office Project. We are grateful to the Schrage and Kharibian families for thinking of us and believing in our mission. A memorial plaque for Jake and Tripp will be posted on the main office building upon completion.

how to help

To help us raise the remaining $5,000 to complete this project, click the button OR send a check written to: 

Let Us Move Mountains

PO Box 341

Breese, Illinois 62230

If you have any further questions please contact Director, Katie Robben at

Thank you all for your support and prayers! God is good all the time!